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GVMS - Service Issues

HMRC are investigating ongoing issues with the Goods Vehicle Movement Service. What do you need to do while it's not working?

Drivers are currently able to cross the border without needing a GMR, which at the time of writing, will continue until midday on Monday 11 April 2022. This date has been extended twice already, but HMRC are hopeful that GVMS will be operational by this date.

If you are travelling before that date, you can use alternative documentation to help you cross the border. For example, one of the following:

  • transit accompanying document (TAD) — if you are unable to provide this, you can provide photocopies or digital copies of copy 4 of the single administrative document (SAD)

  • movement reference number

  • entry reference number

  • declaration unique consignment reference (DUCR)

The information here will be similar to what you would have entered into GVMS previously so there are no changes in your need to complete customs processes in this timeframe.

If you are moving an empty vehicle across the border, you may not have had a declaration made for this (particularly for imports into the UK). In this case, HMRC have stated that drivers can present an EORI number starting with GB to prevent any issues.

Your drivers will not need to stop at an inland border facility for any extra checks unless this is something that the paperwork dictates i.e an office of destination on a transit form or a Carnet that needs to be stamped.

One key step that will need to be followed is that your customs declarations must be 'arrived' once the goods have arrived in the UK so HMRC are aware of what is in the country. As the goods will not be automatically arrived in CHIEF or the Customs Declaration Service, this step must be undertaken by the declarant (such as ACT Forwarding & Logistics) who submitted the declaration. To avoid any delays, you should provide your declarant with an estimated arrival date and time once the shipment has crossed the border so that this step has been completed.

HMRC are keeping their guidance updated on this at the attached link, but should you have any further questions about the process, we are here to guide you through it.


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