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Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

How can ACT help you export your goods to Ukraine and it's surrounding countries for humanitarian aid?

HMRC understand that people in the UK want to help those affected by the invasion of Ukraine, but there are still guidelines that must be followed in order to ensure that the goods are able to reach those that need them most.

HMRC recommends that anyone wanting to help should give money through the Disasters and Emergencies Committee campaign and other trusted charities rather than seeking to send or drive goods to the region themselves.

However, should you have a shipment to send for those in need, ACT can help you guide you through the easiest and safest way of making sure your goods reach those affected.


Did you know?

Even though a charity may send goods such as food, blankets or clothing (known as 'in kind assistance') they are still likely to require customs declarations and may be subject to checks. Duty and other border taxes may also be payable on entry into other customs territories, such as the EU.


If you send goods to Ukraine, or the surrounding countries, to support those affected by the invasion without following export and import processes, your donations could be delayed getting to people in need.

ACT have helped multiple charities and organisations send their goods people in need already, and are ready and able to help as many people as we can to stay compliant with the customs processes in both the UK and overseas.

We've been able to help a variety of essential items such as toothbrushes, nappies, food, bottled water, blankets, clothing, toiletries and strollers reach those who need them most, and can help you do the same too.


How can I donate my goods to Ukraine?

ACT are happy to help guide you through the customs processes that need to be followed both in the UK and in the recipient country to ensure that your goods can reach the people in the need as quickly as possible.

Call us on +441304273652 or e-mail us at for help today.


UPDATE - 11/03/2022

The new process will thankfully allow for a much simpler process to export goods to Ukraine and the surrounding areas for humanitarian aid removing the need for all customs processes and reducing the requirements down to a simple GMR for the majority of essential goods.

As always, ACT are on hand to help guide you through the process should you need help with creating the GMR or if you have any questions about the new processes.

Call us on +441304273652 or e-mail us at should anything be unclear.


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