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You can now check what you need to do for Imports & Exports

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

HMRC have published a new digital platform to help hauliers understand exactly what will be required when moving shipments to and from the EU.

To help hauliers navigate through the complexities of international trade, HMRC have produced a "check what you need to do" style website with each step laid out in clear terms covering shipments from GB to the EU & from the EU to GB.

This will cover off all aspects of your journey from:

  • Pre-journey - What documents you need before starting your journey

  • Picking up goods - What you need to do before departing

  • GB Border - The necessary reference numbers or documents a driver must have

  • EU Border - The EU's import & border requirements for the country the driver is entering or departing

  • Onward journey - What to do once the goods have passed customs

Each section goes in depth into each potential hurdle a haulier will face including COVID testing, GVMS and even the new rules about personal goods being brought in to the UK by drivers.

One of the most vital aspects of this is the language options. Thankfully it has been translated into 17 different languages to help hauliers get clear instructions they can understand.

It also shows you clear information about the different types of paperwork required with examples on what they look like.

Use the link here to access the new digital platform, and as always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help completing your declarations.


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