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Tony and Joe were pleasant and helpful from my very first contact with them and being a private individual with no import experience, ACT made my provision of information simple and handled the customs and tax matters efficiently.

Just a pleasant, focussed and efficient Customs Agent team

Alan, Private Individual

My experience with ACT is 100% positive. Very easy to work with.

ACT make a difference by making my life easy when it comes to customs. First class service and response times and knowledgeable. Have recommended you several times to other companies and colleagues.

Andy, Freight Forwarder

Our experience from the early beginning is GREAT. Easy to work with, great communication.

You are always very open and great to work with, and Agata's doing a great job. She's always trying so much to do everything on time.


Really very pleased to work with you.

Paulina, Transport & Logistics

The customer service from ACT is first class, when asking for advice, guidance or simply requesting a clearance to be done they action immediately. If they are busy they still acknowledge your email and action asap. I have used a few clearing agents and they provide the smoothest service.

Due to their speed and accuracy, we can respond to our customers faster, which means no delays and we are getting more business as we have the time to provide more due to their speed. I would highly recommend any company out there to work with ACT, you will definitely have happy customers.

A big shout out to Joe Roberts, he as been fantastic. He really as made a difference in helping me understand the procedures of Import clearances, he has been very good in explaining and helping me. He didn't need to do what he has done, just his customer service is fantastic.

Michaela, Freight Forwarder


100% of customers surveyed would recommend us to someone looking for a similar business

Very helpful personnel.  We are very happy with your service! Usually quick answers, and all problems solved.

Marko, Transport & Logistics

ACT make customs formalities stress free. 

James, Freight Forwarder

My questions are answered quickly. Very good cooperation.

Recommended company.

Tomislaw, Supply Chain Management

I had no experience in dealing with custom issues but Joe made it all possible step by step.

Paul, Private Individual

ACT Forwarding & Logistics have been exceptional with their level of service. They have been fast to react to our requests and very helpful with assistance should we have a query relating to customs clearance

Prior to us proceeding and offering customs clearance to our clients, we actively recommended ACT Forwarding & Logistics, directly to our clients, of which they helped them greatly through the complicated procedures required and the feedback we received from our clients , proved to us that we too should be utilising their services.

With the level of service received so far, we hope that we can continue & strengthen our working partnership with ACT Forwarding & Logistics.

Caroline, Abnormal Loads Transport

From start to finish the service and experience has been exceptional. Everyone has gone over and beyond to help us with all of our customs requirements. 

I couldn't fault any aspect of the service and or help that I received from all of the ACT team.

Nick, Transport & Logistics

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