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CDS - Frequently Asked Questions

ACT have been collating our customers questions about CDS to publish a simplified document in one place. We will continue to update this document in the coming weeks in the lead up to CDS.



Does it cost to register to CDS?

No, there is no cost. To sign up, follow this link -

Do I need to register for CDS as a haulier/logistics company?

You do not need to register, but if you do, you will have your own CDS cash account which can be used to pay for import duties and taxes if there are issues with the importer paying them which will prevent your shipments being delayed.

Can you see if an importer has registered for CDS?

We cannot see this. The system will allow us to complete the entry regardless on if they have registered for CDS or not, but they will not be able to get their VAT statement without registering and we cannot use an alternate method such as their deferment account or cash account.

My business has multiple GB EORI numbers for our various offices across the EU. Do I need to sign up to CDS with each GB EORI number?

HMRC have advised that if it's just one business entity then you would not need multiple EORI numbers and access to CDS on each, however, if each branch is operating as a separate entity, then they should have separate EORI numbers and CDS registrations completed.


How do I access my financial dashboard?

Do we need to get a deferment account now CDS is in place?

It is not mandatory to have a deferment account. You will automatically be given a CDS cash account when you register for CDS which can be used to pay for any import taxes and duties.

Do I need to do anything for my deferment account to work in CDS?

What is your EORI number so I can authorise you to use my deferment account?


What do I need to do to keep using ACT's deferment account?

Nothing, this process remains the same and all agreements you had with us will continue as they did in CHIEF.


Will I still get a C88?

No, CDS was designed to be a paperless system so they have removed the C88. However, software providers have implemented a document which will show everything that the C88 & the H2/E2 documents showed combined and ACT will be providing this for each of your shipments.


If you have any questions that you haven't had answered, then please do let us know and we will answer it or try to find the answer for you.


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