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Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

Humanitarian aid, generators for hospitals in Ukraine and some logistical knowhow.


ACT have helped transport some generators from Gloucestershire, England, to Kiev, Ukraine this past week for use in a hospital.

ACT have been integral in getting many shipments to those most in need in Ukraine, and this week we were lucky enough to get to see the effect of the work with some pictures sent back to us detailing the journey of some generators that have made their way to a hospital in Kiev.

Loading in Gloucestershire

Unloading in Poland

Arrived safe and sound at the hospital in Kiev

Our team member Agata has played an essential part in our knowledge of the processes around shipments to and from Ukraine, and has spent time in her homeland of Poland learning about how to best transport since the war started.

ACT, and Agata in particular, are always on hand to help with any shipments you may have going that way so please do feel free to contact us should you have any questions or need any help.


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