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List of ports using the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS)

Which locations are using the Goods Vehicle Movement Service?

With the changes to import controls taking place from 1st of January 2022, ACT have collated a list of which ports have adopted the GVMS protocols.

Locations supporting pre-lodged Customs Controls

The border locations using the Goods Vehicle Movement Service to support pre-lodged Customs Controls are:

  • Belfast

  • Larne

  • Warrenpoint

Locations providing Offices of Transit digitally

The border locations using Goods Vehicle Movement Service to support Offices of Transit are:

  • Aberdeen (SeaCargo movements only)

  • Belfast

  • Dover

  • Eurotunnel

  • Felixstowe (DFDS movements only)

  • Fishguard

  • Harwich (Stena movements only)

  • Heysham (Stena, Seatrucks movements only)

  • Holyhead

  • Hull Ferry Terminal, King George Dock - Berths HF1; HF2; HF3 (P&O Customers only)

  • Immingham (DFDS, SeaCargo movements only)

  • Killingholme

  • Larne

  • Liverpool (P&O, Stena, Seatrucks movements only)

  • Newhaven

  • Pembroke

  • Port of Cairnryan

  • Port of Loch Ryan

  • Port of Tyne (DFDS movements only)

  • Portsmouth (Condor Ferries movements only)

  • Purfleet

  • Sheerness (DFDS movements only)

  • Teesport (P&O movements only)

  • Tilbury (P&O movements only)

  • Warrenpoint

If your goods are coming in via a border location which has adopted GVMS, it's important to make sure you have a Goods Movement Reference for your shipment which should be provided by your haulier or forwarder.


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