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GVMS - Import into GB Process

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

A step-by-step process to what is required is when importing goods through a GVMS port from the 1st of January 2022.

On the 1st of January 2022, the phased import controls will be ending and hauliers will be required to process their goods on GVMS to get their shipments into Great Britain.

This means that if you're not registered, and attempt to move goods through a GVMS port, you won't be able to board the ferry, cross the border or clear your goods through customs.

We have previously published a few articles on this subject, and if you're not sure if GVMS applies to you, we recommend reading them first.


Step by Step Process

Before Moving Goods

Before Arriving at EU Place of Exit

  • Haulier requests goods movement reference (GMR) from GVMS and enters declarations into it

  • Goods loaded to vehicle/trailer and all customs references, TAD MRN's added to GMR

  • Vehicle, container or trailer registration numbers input into GMR along with departure and destination port

Upon Arrival at EU Place of Exit

  • Carrier captures GMR at check in and sends to GVMS to validate

  • Valid GMRs are approved to board

  • Any invalid GMRs and those with incorrect details must be turned away from the port

  • Carrier records GMRs for vehicles that have boarded

Leaves EU and Makes Crossing

  • Carrier sends GMRs to GVMS upon embarkation

  • GVMS recieves GMRs and disaggregates Customs MRNs/ERNs and TAD MRN's to HMRC system to initiate arrival and Office of Transit

  • HMRC systems risks MRNs and sends updates back to GVMS

Selection Result

  1. GVMS indentifies GMRs where no failures have occured or checks have been identified

  2. GVMS indentifies GMRs where checks are needed and communicates a hold message

Trailer Disembarks

The person in control of the movement of the goods acts on selection result

  1. Goods have been matched to entries that requires no further checks, the entries have been cleared and vehicle/trailer is free to proceed

  2. An entry(s) attached to this vehicle has not been customs cleared and the vehicle/trailer must proceed to the designated Inland Border Facility

Inland Border Facility

  • Risking will be completed and HMRC system updated by Gov official before completing final clearance


Check if you need to report for inspection

GVMS will allow drivers to check if they need to report for inspection before they reach the UK when crossing the border.

Drivers are recommended to use the "Check if you need an inspection of your goods" service approximately 10 minutes before reaching the port of arrival into the UK.

They will simply need to input the GMR in to the the service and will be presented with one of the following status updates:

  • inspection needed

  • no inspection needed

  • your inspection status is not ready yet

If an inspection is needed, it will be stated on this service and will advise if you need to attend an inland border facility or a location on site at your port of arrival.


Attending an Inland Border Facility

To help speed up the process should your selection result indicate you need to go to an Inland Border Facility for documentary or physical checks, HMRC have introduced both an app and a website to help make the process on site faster.

You can notify them in advance of attendance using either the app or the website before the drivers arrival at the site.


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